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At levitate Spice, we are proud to bring to the world the finest of spices, organic, handpicked, and unadulterated. 

Food and culture bring people together but spices do the magic. And we know magic! Levitate Spices are sourced directly from farmers who follow sustainable practices. 

We believe in organic and traditional farming and know-how and leverage technology only for packaging and quality controls. Bringing you the best spices is our mission and passion. After all, In a world obsessed with spices, we come from a place known for it.


Hot, yet healthy n tasty

Was finding a replacement for green chilies as my parents has gastritis problem. A friend suggested me to try bird's eye chilli. Tried this product for cooking spicy food few times and yes there is considerably very less gastritis issues now. My parents are happy now as they can have spicy food frequently. And also product comes with proper packaging n it's clean.

Suryakanth Pai

Aroma is very good

Aroma of the cardamom is quite strong and quality is super good. And the packaging is outstanding. A must buy product.


Loved it. A Must try

The fragrance itself will make you feel relaxing. And a must try coffee for coffee lovers. The taste will amaze you and feel levitated as the name of the coffee. Searching for a good coffee go for this one. Its nearly good as my grany said she loved it at its first sip so worth the try.

Pallavi Srinivasa

 Must buy, It's totally pure one.

Aroma of the coffee powder is awesome, I feel so good whenever I drink.
So happy to hear that, you people are representing the purity of Chikmagalur land coffee ☕👍👍.


The best coffee from the land of coffee

One of the best coffee I ever had! Usually i have black coffee and didnt like the bitterness is other brands, which is non existent in Levitate.
And coming from the land of coffee chikkamagalur ! They know what they are doing !

Nagaraj S

Chikmaglur coffee

Richly aromatic, levitatingly high-toned it’s a Best Buy

Supreeth Biranji

 The size of peppercorns and the aroma, taste is very good

The size of peppercorns are good and aroma, taste is also very good

Lakshmi D


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